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Merck General Contracting specializes in multi-family residential and self-storage projects. We take great pride in building for many reasons, but most importantly, because providing quality projects that are sustainable and built to last is important to us. From the bid process through permitting, ordering materials and final punchlist, we keep your project moving. Our presence on the job site ensures that timely decisions are made, unexpected problems are addressed quickly, and all work is integrated smoothly.


As a schedule driven contractor, we work with your budget to deliver honest estimates and timelines. We know that trusted relationships with subcontractors, vendors, and community agencies is the key to timely project delivery. Our highly knowledgeable team will deliver the best quality for your budget every time. We partner with you to guide you through the construction process while providing consistent and detailed reports so you can make informed decisions.


As an unbiased third party, we help you evaluate your project honestly for things like time, cost, and risk. We assist in guiding you through the due diligence process and aim to ensure your project is a success.


An all-inclusive solution for your project; we provide full-service design-build construction management from start to finish. We work with the owner’s perspective in mind to deliver a quality product on time, and on budget.


We work to obtain the necessary permits and approvals to ready your property for vertical construction. This can include the clearing and leveling of land, installation of underground utilities, drainage planning, and excavation services.


We assist our clients in prioritizing and implementing value-add projects that not only improve their facility’s asset class, but increase efficiency, safety, satisfaction, and ROI.

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